Watch the Games with Us!

Attention baseball fans! Come join us in our beer garden and catch the latest games while enjoying some ice-cold beers! We have a great selection of beers available in both bucket and pitcher sizes, perfect for sharing with friends. Don’t miss out on the fun- swing by and root for your favorite  team with us!

Now Serving: Golden Road Dodgers Blonde Beer!

May 5 | LA Dodgers at SD Padres 6:40p

May 6 | LA Dodgers at SD Padres 5:40p

May 7 | LA Dodgers at SD Padres 4:08p

May 12 | SD Padres at LA Dodgers 7:10p

May 13 | SD Padres at LA Dodgers 4:15p

May 14 | SD Padres at LA Dodgers 1:10p

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