Arcade in Santa Clarita

If you’re looking for an arcade in Santa Clarita, California, that has plenty of games to keep people of all ages entertained for yours, MB2 Entertainment is the place to go. With over 60 games to choose from, we have something to appeal to every gaming preference.

Earn Tickets With Classic Games

Classic arcade enthusiasts remember the thrill of mastering Skeeball or battling their friends to a game of hoops. MB2 Entertainment has a great selection of these fun games that reward you with points based on your performance.

At the end of the day, you can exchange them for fun prizes at our Prize Counter. There are prize options for every age and preference so you have something to remember your gaming skills by.

Enter the World of Virtual Reality

If you’re more interested in a fully immersive virtual reality experience than classic arcade games, try the brand new Omni Arena. It provides a fully immersive, state-of-the-art experience that engages your senses of sight, touch and sound.The immersive headset and vest ensure you get the full sensory experience with no discomfort or connectivity problems. Assemble your team and compete in esports tournaments to win big! 

Not only is our virtual reality experience optically stunning, but we also have a wide range of gaming options for your entertainment. Many people enjoy battling zombies while they try to survive that apocalypse while others prefer to slice beats to the rhythm that plays.

Share a Day of Fun With the Whole Family

We want to be an arcade that everyone can enjoy. Whether you have young kids or teenagers, you’ll find a great mix of games for all ages in our arcade so everyone in the family is sure to have a fun time.

Visit Our Arcade in Santa Clarita today!

Whether you’re looking for a rainy-day activity or want to do something fun and different with your kids, MB2 Entertainment has you covered with the best arcade experience California has to offer. We have games for people of all ages, so whether you prefer virtual reality experiences or classic games to earn tickets for fun prizes, we’re sure to have your favorites. Contact us to buy a gaming pass today!

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