Go Kart Racing in Santa Clarita


Experience the thrill of go kart racing while you navigate sharp twists and turns of the outdoor track. A dedicated track for experiencing the adrenaline that comes of getting sideways. Not to be confused with regular go karts, these are hand crafted, powerful karts that drift on purpose.
What Makes Our Track Special?
Our outdoor track at MB2 entertainment gives you plenty of sharp turns and long stretches so that you can practice your driving skills on a challenging track. Our track is just challenging enough to ensure entertainment so our racers will never get bored. Show off your driving skills by challenging your friends and family members to a race!
What Makes Our Karts Superior?
There are three categories of go-karts: sprint, oval and enduro. Our Sprint karts are lightweight and fast, so they are easy for people of all ages to navigate smoothly. They're also sturdy enough to withstand minor bumps and accidents from scraping against the sides of the track or clashing with other vehicles while you try to pass them.
How Do We Keep Our Racers Safe?
We want to make sure our racers have the time of their lives while on our track, but we have several safety measures in place to minimize the risk of accidents. All of our racers must be at least 57 inches tall to ride in one of our go-karts and must wear helmets at all times. We also use pacing and time limits to keep all of our riders safe and ensure they have a blast while riding our outdoor track.

Try Out Our Track Today!

MB2 Entertainment is the best place to go for go-kart racing in Santa Clarita. With an exciting outdoor track and fast karts, we deliver an exhilarating racing experience. Contact us today to buy a pass for go-kart racing!

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