MB2 Entertainment in Santa Clarita is your ultimate destination for family-friendly fun. Just north of Los Angeles, the MB2 Entertainment venue offers memorable experiences for both children and adults. 

Here are eight entertaining family things to do this weekend in Santa Clarita.

1. Go-Kart Racing

Go-Kart racing is a thrilling activity perfect for the whole family. MB2 Entertainment features an outdoor track with sharp twists and turns. 

Drivers  must be at least 48 inches tall, but the track is exciting and safe for any age group. It’s the ideal choice for anyone seeking adrenaline-fueled fun. 

For up to date pricing, go to https://mb2entertainmentscv.com/fun-entertainment/

2. Virtual Reality

Are you ready for 21st-century fun? The virtual reality attraction at MB2 Entertainment is an award-winning experience filled with advanced graphics and full-sensory immersion. 

Up to four players can participate in this cutting-edge entertainment that’s perfect for tech-savvy kids. 

The virtual reality experience is a great activity for collaborative play and adventure! For up to date pricing, go to https://mb2entertainmentscv.com/fun-entertainment/

3. Laser Tag

Laser tag is an action-packed activity that promotes teamwork, perfect for larger groups and birthday parties. 

Visitors to MB2 Entertainment can take part in laser tag games in an enthralling NYC-themed area equipped with blacklights and hiding spots.

The Laser Tag arena can fit up to 24 players at once. For up to date pricing, go to https://mb2entertainmentscv.com/fun-entertainment/

4. Axe Throwing

Ready to try your hand at axe throwing? This fun-packed activity involves players aiming for a target, much like a darts game. 

The unique and exhilarating attraction is great for older kids and adults. The game isn’t only entertaining; it also enhances focus and coordination skills.

For up to date pricing, go to https://mb2entertainmentscv.com/fun-entertainment/ Participants must be 18 or older.

4. Arcade Games

MB2’s arcade features more than 65 interactive and prize games including Jurassic Park and King Kong Virtual Reality. A variety of game types cater to various interests. 

The arcade offers endless fun with a mix of classic and modern arcade games, and it’s great for individual play or friendly competition. 

Players engaging in games for points can win premium merchandise. 

5. Mini Golf

Visitors to MB2 Entertainment in Santa Clarita can enjoy a breathtaking 36-hole miniature golf course complete with waterfalls, rapids, caves and caverns.

Fun for the whole family, the game combines skill and enjoyment in a scenic and engaging environment. 

For up to date pricing, go to https://mb2entertainmentscv.com/fun-entertainment/ 

6. Bumper Boats

Are you ready for a refreshing and playful way to spend a hot summer day? 

MB2 Entertainment visitors can experience the bumper boats ride, where they ride in personal boats, bumping and splashing their opponents. 

Bumper Boats are sure to encourage interactive fun.and passengers must meet height requirements. For up to date pricing, go to https://mb2entertainmentscv.com/fun-entertainment/

7. Duck Pin Bowling

A unique attraction at MB2 Entertainment in Santa Clarita, duck pin bowling is similar to the classic game but with smaller balls, shorter lanes and lightweight string pins.

Duck Pin Bowling lanes are equipped with Brunswick Sync technology and sofa seating, ensuring a memorable experience for players of all ages.

For up to date pricing, go to https://mb2entertainmentscv.com/fun-entertainment/

Things to Do with Kids Today at MB2 Entertainment in Santa Clarita

A variety of entertaining, family-friendly activities are available to explore at MB2 Entertainment in Santa Clarita. From classics like go-karts and mini-golf to unique and trending activities like axe throwing and virtual reality experiences, MB2 Entertainment offers something for everyone. 

Take advantage of promotions  such as all-you-can-play passes, play card bonuses, weekday specials, and so much more. To see all our current promos, visit https://mb2entertainmentscv.com/all-promotions/

Check out the attractions at MB2 Entertainment, including food, drinks, and a beer garden. Plan your party today!

MB2 Entertainment in Santa Clarita  is your one-stop holiday party activities. Host as many as 1,000 guests at a venue with entertainment options for anyone. Choose your own custom food and beverage menu, as well as from a variety of all-inclusive packages. Private event spaces are also available.

Festive Options for Extraordinary Events

No matter whether your group is big or small, young or old, you’ll find festive options for your holiday event at MB2 Entertainment.

Custom Food and Beverage Menus

MB2 Entertainment features dining and bar options all year long, as well as special custom menus for holiday events – with plenty of choices to fit any theme.

Holiday menu options include hors devours menus with fare such as fresh vegetables, shrimp cocktails and miniature beef wellington, among other choice foods. 

Meanwhile, the holiday soiree dining package includes tantalizing treats like salad, roast turkey, ham and a variety of potatoes and other scrumptious sides… Don’t forget the pumpkin pie!


There’s no need to plan holiday party activities when you host your guests at MB2 Entertainment. The venue offers fun for the whole family with a variety of attractions, including:

Duckpin Bowling

MB2 Entertainment features six lanes of duckpin bowling, which uses smaller balls without finger holes and lightweight string pins.


More than 65 interactive and prize games are available in the MB2 Entertainment arcade, so there’s something for the entire group.

Laser Tag

The NYC-themed laser tag arena is equipped with black lights and plenty of hiding spots.

Ax Throwing

et your group blow off some steam as they throw axes at a target in a game similar to darts.

Omni Arena

An exciting virtual reality experience awaits your group with advanced graphics and full sensory immersion.

Mini Golf

A 36-hole course featuring waterfalls, rapids, caves and caverns welcomes your group, whether guests are children or adults.

Kart Racing

Riders experience the thrill of sharp twists and turns in MB2 Entertainment’s outdoor go-kart track, complete with karts suitable to kids and adults.

Drift Karting

Powerful, hand-crafted karts are designed to drift on purpose, providing an adrenaline-filled experience that surpasses regular go-karts.

Bumper Boats

Hop in a vessel and depart from the dock to engage in a water-based bumper car experience.


Food and games aren’t the only attractions at MB2 Entertainment. The venue is known for its private event spaces and party options. 

With space to accommodate more than 1,000 guests, as well as four private party rooms, MB2 is the perfect place to celebrate the holiday season. Don’t see the perfect package or your event? You can build your own custom holiday event with the help of event staff. 

Guests at MB2 Entertainment can also enjoy food and drinks from the onsite restaurant and bars, as well as the outdoor beer garden.

Cost and Reservations

How much does it cost to host an event at MB2 Entertainment? While packages are affordable, the exact cost will depend on the chosen package and custom options. 

Inclusive attraction packages can cost $30 to $45 per person, depending on the day of the week. Individual activities like laser tag or mini golf can be pre purchased a la carte. 

Holiday menu prices also vary depending on the foods selected, ranging from $38 to $45 per guest.

All Party reservations require a 50% non-refundable deposit and a signed agreement to confirm and reserve space.

Don’t miss the opportunity to host your holiday party at MB2 Entertainment in Santa Clarita. Request more information, or contact group sales at Events@MB2EntertainmentSCV.com to book your event today!

**All pricing, menus, and offerings are subject to change.

Plan Your Party